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Oil/water separators are designed to separate free and dispersed oils and greases (as well as gross quantities of suspended solids) from                  

wastewater or process streams, making it possible for sensitive downstream equipment to perform as designed.  

A properly designed oil/water separator will reduce your overall operating costs and improve overall system maintainability.







Biomicrobe offers the complete program oil separation units


- Multi Disc screw press

   Multi-Disk Screw Press is a cutting edge sludge dewatering equipment with non-clogging    design and low energy consumption, especially Applicable for oily sludge.


- Flotation units

  • Induced Air Flotation

  • Induced Gas Flotation

  • Dissolved Air Flotation DAF 

  • Dissolved Gas Flotation DGF


- Oil skimmers 


- Produced Oil and Gas Industry  (hydrocarbons)

   Biomicrobe works closly togheter with several specialized companies, that supply highly  

   sophisticated technicks for produced oil and gas                 









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