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BlueLine Vertical Agitators | 180 m³ to 1500 m³

PRO-DO-MIX’s BlueLine is conceived in order to fulfil every kind of applications in Water Treatment Industries as well as a large number of applications in other industries.

It consists of a range of standardized agitators able to fit tanks and basins with volumes from 180 m³ up to 1500 m³ with a single agitator.

BlueLine agitators cover an extensive range of sizes (seamless pipe shaft can reach up to 8 metres in one piece, while the impeller diameter can reach 4 metres) as well as motor powers (up to 45 kW).


Sewage treatment system

BlueLine includes 1477 sewage mixer models, grouped into 9 families, with unlimited versions.

Since each agitator must carry out a different task according to the application needs, PRO-DO-MIX have a wide selection of impeller designs.

Furthermore, BlueLine agitators can be manufactured with wetted parts made of different materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, with different lining options (Polypropylene, Abcite®, PVC, ECTFE Halar® , PTFE Teflon™, Ebonite®, etc.), according to the products in the tank and the environmental conditions.

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