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Goldenline Vertical Agitators for Special Application


PRO-DO-MIX’s agitators go far beyond the standard: in addition to the thousands of standard agitators within our Green and Blue Lines, we can offer a broad range of custom-cut configurations, in order to fulfil special applications in several industries.

Our special agitators are designed and manufactured combining different elements: various kinds of impeller (anchor, cowles, etc.), sealing systems, steady bearings, special materials and lining options, etc.


Customised Industrial Mixing Systems


PRO-DO-MIX can supply side-entry agitators, emulsifiers, anchor agitators, and many other ad hoc designed agitators in order to fit the exact process requirement as well as the most diverse customers’ needs, even when dealing with heavy duty applications and adverse environmental conditions.

Throughout the years, PRO-DO-MIX have developed hundreds of special equipment for special applications, with unlimited possibilities of size and configuration, in order to provide the best customised solution in terms of mechanical efficiency, reliability, energy consumption and life.

Experience, competence and continuous technological research make PRO-DO-MIX able to provide special mixing systems to be used in different industries. The list below only mentions some examples of special applications and custom-cut agitators designed and manufactured so far:

  • Anchor agitator with PTFE scraper bars for vacuum evaporation system

  • Side-entry agitator for chemical blending

  • High shear agitator with cowles impeller for mixing high viscosity paintings and coatings

  • High shear mixer with rushton impeller for dispersing gas or immiscible liquid

  • Flowmaker

  • Agitator for vacuum pan in the sugar industry

  • Food grade finished agitator

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