Landy surface aerators are characterized by the following features: 

  • high and constant efficiency

  • extreme low reaction forces

  • excellent mixing qualities

  • simply regulated

  • wide oxygenation range

  • wide range of applications

  • simple and robust construction

  • self cleaning

  • low maintenance costs

Power range:  1 kW - 250 kW


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The efficiencies that can be obtained with low speed aerators depend on a number of factors. One important factor is the geometry of the basin in which the aerator will be installed. The Landy aerator can be installed in either a fixed or a floating arrangement. Regarding the geometry of the basins the options are virtually unlimited: square or rectangular tanks, round tanks, shallow or deep tanks, oxidation ditches, MBR- and SBR systems, lagoons, ponds, mixing or buffer tanks.

Power range: 1 - 250 kW


Contact our Indonesian Head office for more information