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Aerator Membrane

fine buble diffuser membrane

fine buble diffuser membrane

fine buble diffuser membrane, epdm, tpu, silicone

EPDM tube diffusers

EPDM tube diffusers

EPDM tube diffusers

Tubular diffuser

Tubular diffuser

TPU, Silicone, Epdm

fine bubble tube diffuser

fine bubble tube diffuser

fine bubble tube diffuser

TPU tube diffuser

TPU tube diffuser

TPU tube diffuser

TPU tubular fine bubble aerator

TPU tubular fine bubble aerator

TPU tubular fine bubble aerator

silicone Sleeve

silicone Sleeve

Silicone tube sleef membrane

TPU thermoplastic polyurethane

TPU thermoplastic polyurethane

TPU tube diffuser sleeve

Silicone fine bubble membrane sleeve

Silicone fine bubble membrane sleeve


All membranes are selectable in lengths 500/750/1000 mm with diameters of 65 or 90 mm. On request we can deliver any lenght of membraner or Aerator.
The membranes are intended for the aeration of wastewater by fine bubble compressed air in activated sludge basins. Our membranes, made of EPDM, Silicon, TPU, allow intermittent operations thanks to their long-term elasticity.



Biomicrobe produces and integrates state-of-the-art custom built water treatment diffuser membranes for multiple markets. Whether it is for the production of drinking water, the treatment of wastewater, or for use in industrial processes, our solutions combine the best expertise with the most advanced technology and products in water treatment in general.



All our EPDM membranes are low in plasticizer an they are available in inexpensive, free-heated and high quality spike heated version. The material thickness is 1.8 mm as standard, which guarantees long standing times when used in municipal wastewater.


Where EPMD is not the best choice due to the chemical composition we can supply silicone membranes. These membranes are free of plasticizers and are equipped with a surface that is smooth. Silicone membranes are your best choice if water temperatures are high or for greasy and oily water compositions as seen for example with diary plants or slaughterhouses



The TPU membrane will be your best choice for lower pressure applications. TPU features an opening pressure of 15 mbar (at 8 m³ air / m aerator). TPU combines all the advantages of silicone and rubber in one membrane: plasticizer-free, smooth surface, good chemical resistance, temperature and weather resistance, high tear resistance and good resistance to oils, greases, lubricants and many solvents characterize these membranes. The aerators should be pressurized with no more than 8 m³ air / m aerator

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 mmounting membrane tube diffusers on rectangular profiles from both sides


  • membrane tube diffusor, for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plant, pressure diffusion with fine bubbles, oxygen input for nitrification in activation basins, permanent and intermittend ventilation, oxygen input and circulation in fixed-bed and bioreactors, thorough mixing of activation basins, sand trap louvre ventilation, renaturation of lakes and rivers, aquacultures, fish farming

Factory assembled to perfection and ready for hassle free installation is our range of Tubular Diffuser that we offer in multiple sizes and in different membrane types. The range we design has optimum functional flexibility and is capable of high volumetric air handling. Good quality EPDM rubber membrane sleeves are utilized in product design and membrane sleeves can also be custom designed in other materials like silicone, urethane, etc., depending on the application requirement. Also, the perforation patterns can be altered or modified depending on oxygen transfer efficiency required. The Tubular Diffuser we offer can deliver maximum performance over a vast range of airflows and do not call for any special maintenance.

e information

Fine Bubble Diffuser

series-7 & Series-9 Tube diffusers

The   tubular  diffuser  was  specifically developed for enhancing the efficiency and  operating  modles  of  the  activated  sludge processes for  wastewater  biological treatment. The design of the membrane sleeve prohibits clogging of the aeration pores which  are  self  closing  when  air flow/pressure is  interrupted. With   clamp saddle, most  existing diffused air systemscan  be  easily  retrofitted using the biomicrobe  diffuser.


Biological Aeration

Activated Sludge Processes

Oxidation Ditch

Sequence Batch Reactors (SBR)

Membrane Bio Reactors (MBR)

Moving Bed Bio Reactors (MBBR)

Sludge Stabilization/Digestion

Package Plants


Food and Drink

Dairy and Cheese

Pulp and Paper

Oil and Gas

Animal Processing


Energy and Power


Did we miss highlighting an application, process, or industry where aeration diffusers are used? You can place a comment below.

Aeration Diffusers can be used in many applications, processes and industries. Below we highlight where aeration diffusers are primarily-used.


Municipal Wastewater

Industrial Wastewater

Fixed Grid Systems

Lift Out Systems

Floating Systems

Tank Mixing

High Oxygen Transfer

Low Head Loss

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