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drum agitator

drum agitator

plastic drum mixer

Drum lid agitator for plastic drums

One of the most common containers utilized for production and distribution of liquid products is the 55-gallon drum.  Chemicals, paint and coatings and a nearly endless list of specialty products are blended or otherwise processed in drums constructed of carbon steel, stainless steel or polyethylene. The mixing equipment needed for drum processing varies with the properties of the products and with the available drum opening.  

For this reason Biomicrobe drum mixer product line is one of the most diverse available with multiple options for power source, mounting method and impeller types for low and high viscosity liquids.

There are many products suitable for processing low viscosity liquids in drums.  


Direct drive mixer models including drum lid mixers, bung-entering mixers and clamp-mount mixers all utilize relatively small impellers rotating at high speeds to achieve the pumping action needed for flow-driven mixing processes.  The marine style propeller and the folding impeller, for entry through small bung openings, are most common.

For higher viscosities, gear reduced models are available in each line. These products provide greater torque at lower rotational speeds and utilize larger folding impellers, marine style propellers or axial flow turbines.  Gear reduction may also be desirable for low viscosity liquid applications to provide gentle agitation with minimal shear.

The drum lid mixer is integrated into a standard 55-gallon drum lid and is secured to the top of an open drum.  Another option for open drums is the bracket-mount drum mixer.  This design is assembled to the top of an open drum with a sturdy steel fabricated bracket assembly that clamps to the drum with hand knobs.  It is most often used for high viscosities to prevent the mixer from spinning during operation.  For closed drums with a bung opening the bung mount mixer is mounted via its standard 2” NPT fitting.  A bung-entering clamp mount mixer that clamps to the side of the drum after insertion of the shaft is also available. The heavy duty clamp mixer, economy clamp mixer or sanitary clamp mount mixer paired with the appropriate mixer stand can be an efficient set up for processing multiple drums with low viscosities.  The floor-mounted heavy-duty lift mixer is an excellent choice as a rigid high-torque workstation suited for repeated mixing of high viscosity batches.

Each of the mixer formats previously described are available with pneumatic or electric motors. Speed control for air models is achieved with the included air inlet valve.  Electric models come in single-speed or variable speed models.

our customer service and engineering personnel are available to assist you with your drum mixer applications

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