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For dewatering the sludge produced by small W.W.T.P., TEKNOFANGHI proposes TEKNOBAG®-DRAIMAD®. This system dewaters in bags and stores the sludge of every nature. The heart of the system is the original filtration bag TEKNOBAG®-DRAIMAD®, which permits to reach 15-30% dry solids content after only a few hours and 50-80% of dry solids after open storage and drying. The right management of this system depends upon the special module realized in stainless steel AISI 304, projected to optimize the filling of the bags and to simplify all moving operation. To be able to satisfy all the necessities of the W.W.T.P, the modules are available in various models, starting from the manual modules with 2 bags up to automatic ones with 12 bags and pressurized dewatering. The largest module can treat up to 20m³/day of sludge depending on the sludge.



  • Municipal Waste Water up 4000 P.E.

  • Resorts, Hotels and Camping

  • Industrial Waste Water

  • Beverage, Fruit, Brewery, Winery

  • Food, Dairy, Bakery, Slaughterhouse

  • Chemical Industry

  • Drinking Water, River/Lake Water

  • Mineral, Stone, Ceramic, Glass


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