Screw press

TEKNOFANGHI’s extensive experience in sludge handling has allowed the company to develop and produce this new type of screw press. The SCRUPRESS is composed by an inclined three stages (draining / thickening / dewatering) wedge wire drum, with a special conical screw running inside and a pneumatic counter-pressure cone installed at the end.

The SCRUPRESS is fully automatic and controlled by a PLC. The dewatering action is tuned up via a pneumatic counter-pressure cone, while the VFD takes care to increase/reduce automatically the speed of the internal screw, so to optimize and keep constant the performance, also in case of variation of the inlet sludge’s concentration. 
A movable washing ring with spray nozzles (designed to reduce the wash water consumption) together with a special rubber wiper fixed on the flight edge, keep clean the filter drum from the external and internal sides, so to grant the maximum efficiency in terms of permeability.






  • Municipal Waste Water

  • Industrial Waste Water

  • Beverage, Fruit, Brewery, Winery

  • Food, Dairy, Bakery, Slaughterhouse

  • Chemical Industry

  • Paper Mill

  • Drinking Water, River/Lake Water

  • Mineral, Stone, Ceramic, Glass

  • Ground Water Remidiation


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