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Water is used in the food processing industry for several purposes. Within production, many food products travel along a water flume as a method of rinsing and transportation. Water likewise serves as a wash-down fluid for processing equipment in various plant production areas. As with many industrial applications, water facilitates the cooling process of equipment. Further rinsing of a food product or its packaging may also be required.

For each of these uses, it is critical to regulate water quality so as to ensure cleanliness, proper hygiene and the sustained function of industrial equipment. Forsta self cleaning industrial water filters provide a comprehensive solution for removing suspended particles in water. The use of high grade stainless steel makes our industrial water filters a great choice for the food processing industry.



Industrial cooling towers use water to remove heat from a variety of sources such as machinery or heated process material. The principal use of large, industrial cooling towers is to remove the heat absorbed in the circulating cooling water systems used in power plants, petroleum refineries, food processing plants, and in other industrial facilities.

A Biomicrobe cooling tower filter can be integrated at any point within an industrial process cooling system. High pressure at the discharge of a main pump often provides an ideal environment and location for installation.

A single cooling tower filter will flow anywhere from 15 to 8,000 gpm. Where a higher flow rate is required, multiple units installed in parallel provide solutions for nearly limitless flow.



  • Water Re-Use & Recycling

  • Pasteurizing Tunnel

  • Bottle/Can Rinser

  • Cooling Tower Filtration

  • Chiller Protection

  • Spray Nozzle Protection

  • City Water Filtration for Wash Water

  • Well Water Filtration

  • Container Rinse Water Filtration (Including Flumes)

  • R/O Pre-filtration

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