Filter cloth range:  10 microns and maximum 1000 microns.

Due to its compact and resistant design, this equipment can work without any problems during 24 hours for a long period of time and without requiring any type of maintenance.


How does it work?


The filter has has a filtering mesh with a self-cleaning system with pressurised water.

The equipment has revolving discs lined in parallel along a horizontal axis. The discs are submerged up to 65% in the filtered water. Each disc is made up from several meshed stainless steel segments through which the water flows from inside out. The obtained filtering exits the front side of the equipment.

The particles remain retained in the mesh and descend by the effect of the gravity. With time the mesh starts to fill up and this causes an increase in the loss of the load.

When the established maximum pressure differential is reached, the washing cycle begins. While the discs slowly turn, water jets send water towards the mesh, dragging the solids to a hopper situated in the centre part of the equipment.

The same filtered water pumped by means of a pump installed in the exit of the filter can be used as washing water. The filtering continues during the washing cycle.




- Free plate sieve with a large filter surface- Solids elimination from effluent of secondary decanters- Treatment of potable water and process water- Filtering prior to disinfection UV rays- For direct spillways to channel and underground emissaries.- Tertiary treatment for municipal waste water- Potable water pre-treatment.- Storm water treatment.- Water treatment of industrial processes


- Ideal for small particle filtration.- Ideal system for applications for recycling municipal water.- available in different diameters.- Automatic cleaning system with pressurized filtered water and activated with

   level sensor.- Different versions and standardized models of equipment which can be adapted

   to numerous necessities.- Manufactured in stainless steel (AISI 304 or AISI 316L) and available in other

   special materials depending on the aplication.




- Wide range in solids concentration of the water to be treated.- Filter mesh from 10 to 1,000 microns, according to application.- Equipment with production flows from 10 to 5,000 m3/h.- Compact design which requires upto 75% less of implantation surface compared

   with a conventional sand filter.- Low investment costs thanks to the compact design.- Reduction in energy costs since the filtration is via gravity.- Continuous operation even in washing phase.- Very easy accessibility to all the filter elements.- Easy operation and maintenance.