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Filtration in this Steel Industry must keep careful eye on the cost of downtime of the machines, reducing maintenance time to a minimum and holding down running costs. This means choosing a filter with a simple structure, like a self cleaning cartridge that can be treated with a backwash system. Using “backflushing” means there is no need to remove the filter from housing.

As well as filtering viscous fluids, this sector may need to carry out filtration to protect pumps and valves and also for removal of solids particles. Other applications however require filtration that protects seals on turbines, heat exchangers in generators or the protection of descaler nozzles and high pressure pumps.




The quality of cooling water is crucial for the manufacturing of high quality steel. If cooling water contains particles which clog the spray nozzles, this will lower the quality of the end product. This may also lead to serious losses in production due to the unscheduled shut down of production lines.

Sati automatic self cleaning Filter provide a perfect solution to prevent clogging of the nozzles and to maintain continuous production by the removal of particles contained in the cooling water.

Our high energy back-flushing system avoids screen blockages from oil and grease which are expected to be present in cooling water used in the steel industry.


Spay nozzles can gradually clog because of impurities in the pipelines. This impacts their function and lessens the quality requirement of the spray nozzles considerably. Additionally, abrasive solids can minimise the life cycle significantly. Filter systems of SATI protect your spray nozzles in the long run and prolong the maintenance intervals.



Get the best possible protection of your equipment by using the different filter systems of Sati Filtertechnik. You can avoid production losses and reduce the maintenance costs significantly.

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