The Biomicrobe Sludge Dewatering belongs to the screw press, it can reduce the sedimentation tank and sludge thickening tank, saving the cost of sewage plant construction. Dehydrator using screw and the moving rings to clean itself as clog-free structure, and controlled by the PLC automatically, it's a new technology that can replace the traditional filter press like belt press and frame press, the screw speed is very low, so it cost low power and water consumption in contrast to the centrifuge, it is a cutting edge of solid-liquid separation equipment


Layers of the spacers, which are Fixed and Moving Rings, are secured in place by a tie rod. The inner diameters of the Moving Rings are slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the screw and their rings. Mobilized by the screw, it continuously cleans the sludge out of the gaps, therefore, preventing clogging.

How does Sludge Dewatering work?


Dewatering Principle The initial section of dewatering drum is the Thickening Zone, where the solid-liquid separating process takes place and where the filtrate will also be discharged. The pitch of the screw and the gaps between the rings decrease at the end of dewatering drum, hence increasing its internal pressure. At the end, the End Plate further increases the pressure, so as to discharge dry sludge cake.  reliably. Sludge Treatment Process


1. Sludge is firstly fed into the Flow Control Tank and then flows down into the Flocculation Tank, where polymer coagulant is added.


2. From there, the flocculated sludge overflows into the dewatering drum where it is filtered and compressed.


The entire operation sequence, including sludge feed control, polymer makeup, dosing and sludge cake discharge are controlled by the built-in timer and sensors of the PLC.




Sludge Dewatering Can be widely used in municipal sewage, food, slaughtering breeding, printing and dyeing, oil chemical industry, paper making, leather, pharmaceutical and other industries of sludge dewatering;


Exclusive pre-concentration design, applicable sludge concentration of 2000mg/L50000mg/L;  


Due to the innovation of the structure design, it is highly suitable to various high and low concentration sludge, most especially for the oily ones.


Sludge Dewatering is Clog-free  Due to rotation of helical axis, the moving rings begin detaching from the fixed rings while continuously starting the self-cleaning process. As a result, the ubiquitous clogging is avoided. Therefore, it can handle oily sludge without any trouble while separating the water from the sludge easily. In addition, there is no need to add large quantity of flushing water and there is no odor and no secondary pollution during the dewatering process.


Sludge Dewatering greatly reduce the running cost of wastewater treatment system. Decrease Capital Investment Dehydrator can treat sludge in aeration tank and secondary sedimentation tank without setting sludge thickeners. Therefore, this can decrease the total investment, avoid phosphorus release from the sludge thickeners and sludge storage tanks and enhance phosphorus removal effect of the wastewater treatment system.