ROTARY DRUM Indonesia 



Rotary drum is a traditional grille superfine grill, transfer machine and screw press three functions in one of the new solid-liquid separation machinery. It can be directly installed in the drainage can also be installed in the container box. Sewage inflow from the front gate baskets, cracks outflow from the gate, the gate residue is left in the basket. Gridlines accumulated on the filter but also play the role of the residues, thereby enhancing the filtration efficiency. When the water level difference between the gate around the basket reaches the set value, the geared motor automatically starts to drive the gate frame rotation, when rotated to the vertical position residues, residues automatically fall within the center of the hopper, the screw transmission upgrade, and finally by the discharge port Sinotrans falling conveyor. Raphe residue to clean up the gate, the use of two means of flushing water flushing, the flushing water spray for the first wash the larger particles, the use of the flushing water pressure ≥8bar, but the frame of the gate voltage will have a water rinse after a small amount of fiber material wrapped around the gate line, you need to use the second channel using high-pressure flushing water gate cracks smaller particles vigorously wash, rinse water pressure ≥120bar, can be wrapped around the gate for effective online fibrous material cutting, long-term so that the normal operation of the grid security.