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The Grit King® is an advanced hydrodynamic separator that augments gravitational forces to separate grit from water. The Grit King® is an economical choice for new or existing municipal or industrial wastewater applications. The Grit King® System is comprised of the Grit King® unit and a grit washer/classification unit.
Valving, grit classifiers, grit pumps, dewatering decanters, and control systems are available to provide a comprehensive grit removal package.

Advantages and Features

  • New wastewater treatment plants

  • Treatment plant retrofits

  • Grit removal for potable water

  • Grit removal for industrial effluents

  • No moving parts

  • No external power source


  • Recovers clean grit

  • Easily linked with new or existing plants

  • Economical to own and operate

  • Compact design

  • Minimal headloss


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Grit and fine abrasives are discharged by a grit washing unit into the Grit Snail®clarifier, where they settle onto the slow-moving stepped cleats. The captured solids are gently lifted out of the clarifier at 1-5 feet per minute. Degritted water flows out of the clarifier via an overflow weir. Dewatering begins as the grit and fine abrasives are quiescently raised from the clarifier pool to retain fine grit. The dewatered abrasives are carried to the top of the Grit Snail®, where they are discharged into a disposal container for landfilling.

A slowly moving cleated belt gently escalates the grit from the clarifier, retaining fine grit, unlike turbulent dewatering systems which reintroduce captured grit back into the plant. The Grit Snail® is designed for durability and ease of maintenance, resulting in a very long product life and trouble-free operation.