Mixers and Stirrers types


Anchor agitators

Anchor Agitators : This simple agitator consists of a shaft and an anchor type propeller and can be mounted centrally or at an angle. It is mainly used in reactors.
Scope of application: the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry (ointments), the chemical industry










Disk agitators

used for mixing solid particles with viscous liquids in order to reduce the size of fibrous particles on account of very strong shear stress produced in the liquid. Due to the local effect of such agitators, they are used in tandem with other types of agitator (e.g. gate/horseshoe agitators), or in a system of several disks installed on the same shaft.
Scope of application: the food industry (pastes), the pharmaceutical industry (pastes, ointments), the chemical industry











Paddle agitators

used wherever there is no need to produce intensive axial and radial circulation in the liquid. In their classic variant, these agitators mainly produce circumferential circulation. In order to increase the mass flow and mixing efficiency, modified blade shapes are used and at the end of the chief blades, smaller auxiliary blades with an inverted direction of attack are added.
Scope of application: the food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries








Propeller agitators

used wherever it is necessary to produce strong axial circulation creating a vortex which facilitating the wetting and dissolving of powders (the effect of suction towards the bottom). They are perfect for producing suspensions. In order to improve the mixing of low-wettability powders, the propellers may be perforated and for fibrous substances serrated propellers are used. Propeller agitators are high-speed agitators, in the 720 – 1420 rpm bracket, driven directly by an engine, which results in better performance of the power unit and lower investment costs.
Scope of application: the food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries 









Homogenizing agitators

due to its capacity for intensive dispersing mixing, this type of agitator is perfect for achieving high homogeneity of the product. A homogenizing agitator is able to digest powders, fibrous substances. The turbine may be built in directly in the bottom of a tank or in an additional casing connected with the tank chamber in a closed cycle. There are also in-line systems, where the agitator is an separate device. Such a design permits reduction of investment costs wherever homogenization of the product is not required throughout the process.
Scope of application: the food industry (pastes), the pharmaceutical industry (pastes ointments), the chemical industry (lubricants) 

Turbine Agitators

Yet another type of process agitator is the turbine agitator. Turbine agitators can create a turbulent movement of the fluids due to the combination of centrifugal and rotational motion.

For more intensive mixing, taking into account the complex nature of the process, agitators may be installed on process devices in any configuration, e.g. a gate agitator + a paddle agitator + a homogenizing or turbine agitator, etc. 

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