Continuous Sand Filter


The unique performance is mainly achieved by the way of continuous cleaning while sufficient sand bed remains. As a result, the water can pass from ever-fine filtration sand from the input to the output.



  • Wastewater filtration

  • Cooling water filtration

  • Process water filtration

  • Drink water filtration

  • Soil water filtration


Technical aspects

  • Contains no moving parts

  • Has a small footprint due to its compact size

  • Easy to install

  • Provides a confidential and consistent solution

  • Rewind pumps and associated buffers are not required

  • No laundering and blowers required

  • Can operate using gravity

Filtration benefits

  • Finer filtration is achieved

  • Treats high & variable loads.

  • The sandbed is constantly cleaned and arranged

  • Through the airlift, dirty sand is continuously removed from the bed.


Process Benefits

  • Continuous operation

  • Remains working while cleaning the sand

  • Fewer water needed for cleaning the sand

  • Calls and blockages can not occur


Economic benefits

  • Reduction variable cost

  • Little maintenance

  • No standby devices are required

  • Quality is achieved

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