The Biomicrobe Belt Filter Press design is one of the most efficient sludge dewatering units which can be applied through organic and inorganic sludge’s to achieve required results at minimum operating cost.

Sludge dewatering systems generally include a pre-dewatering section

for thin sludge suspensions. Belt filter Press Indonesia

It not only reduces the sludge volume, but also increases enormously the capacity of subsequent dewatering units.

The Biomicrobe belt filter press can handle very thick sludge’s and for this an independent gravity drainage deck is provided to pre-thicken the sludge before it enters the main wedge and pressing sections.  Belt filter Press Indonesia

Basically in the Belt Filter Press, the sludge dewatering is achieved by bringing the sludge between the two moving belts which in turn moves on the varying sizes of rollers keeping belts under tension through pneumatic (or hydraulic) cylinder system which results in squeezing out the liquid trapped between the solids and withdrawn separately through the filtrate trays. An adequate arrangement is provided for auto belt tracking / tensioning which makes the system operator friendly.


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